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Dover's Caves and Tunnels

120 Pages
150 Illustrations

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The Dover area is riddled with caves and tunnels constructed over many centuries, often for military purposes but also for civilian use as storage, dwellings, shelters and industry such as a foundry and mushroom growing – not to mention smuggling!

Dover's caves, tunnels and underground works, both old and new, played an important part in both world wars. Times and needs change. What was once a sophisticated defence system becomes obsolete and disused. Excavations so laboriously made are abandoned and forgotten with nature soon covering all trace, but underground they still exist, deteriorating and potentially dangerous to those who might explore them.

This book attempts to describe most of the caves, tunnels and underground works in the Dover area, their uses and people’s memories of them. Those at Dover Castle are now a major tourist attraction; others are known only to a few. All are part and parcel of Dover’s incredible, rich heritage and deserve to be honoured in this humble way.

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