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Dover and the Monarchy

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ISBN 0953947823

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When looking to produce a second book of historical articles, the first writer to be approached by the Dover Society was Ivan Green, who had contributed a considerable number of historical articles about Dover to their newsletter over the past decade, mainly on the Roman and Tudor periods. Ivan felt he could expand these articles into a complete book of his own, tracing Dover's relationship with the monarchy and the monarchy's influence upon Dover from the Norman Conquest in 1066 until the Glorious Revolution in 1688. To do this it was necessary for him to fill in the gap, by writing of the Plantagenet kings and to add a section on the Stuarts. At the same time he decided to make a gift of the past articles and the new additions to the Dover Society and asked them to publish them. The resulting book is Dover and the Monarchy from Conquest to Glorious Revolution, which not only reflects the relationship of the town with the kings and queens between 1066 and 1688 but also presents a picture of life in Dover throughout this period.

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