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Our Town, Dover: 1945 - 2000

208 Pages
ISBN 0953616649

Out of print

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This book has its origins from a chance remark made by Trish Godfrey who manages the Local Studies Section of Dover Library. The Library receives many requests for information about Dover since 1945 and there are 'bits and pieces' in various books and files, but there is not one single book where the story of Dover since 1945 is dealt with comprehensively. This book aims to fill the gap not only for the benefit of pupils with local projects to complete and researchers present and future, but also for the entertainment and enjoyment of Dovorians who have lived through this period.

As well as covering all the important events and developments of these years the book encapsulates almost every aspect of life in the town including work, shopping and use of leisure in its many forms. An advantage in researching material has been that we have been able to contact people still living and we are very grateful to them for first-hand information. Many noteworthy characters span this period and a few have been highlighted.

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