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Greetings, Dover!

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ISBN 0953616630

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Greetings, Dover! is the third book in the trilogy about local characters with interesting stories to tell. Like Lillian Kay and Joe Harman, Jack Hewitt MBE was unique in his own way. He was a Dovorian and very proud of it.

Jack's memories of Dover go back to the first World War and, despite living in the same town as Lillian and Joe, he had quite different memories. He gave a lifetime of service to his fellow man, mainly, but not only, through his very many years in the scout movement and in the Order of St John. In both organisations he held high office locally and was held in high esteem nationally. His 29 years in the County Ambulance Service also enabled Jack to serve through his paid work, which he loved and for which he was commended several times.

Jack also travelled widely all over the world, both as a courier for many years for Raymond Cook Tours and as a seeker of unusual experiences in far flung parts of the world. Many of these holidays enabled him to see members of St John in action in other countries. Seeking new experiences was a lifelong aim, whether flying across the Channel as a young man or taking a hot air balloon ride on his 80th birthday!

His story is packed with amusing anecdotes, some of which are hard to believe, but Jack assured us that they are true. He was a cheeky chappy and often 'got away with murder', particularly during war service, in order to have his own way or to do what he thought was right. This cheeky chappy was also a cheerful chappy. He was often about town giving a cheerful word to everyone he met, always beginning, of course, with 'Greetings!' Needless to say, anybody who ever met Jack could not forget his laugh. That was unique!

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