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Why produce a book about Joe Harman? Well, a number of factors probably make him unique. He is not only a Dovorian, but one who has lived his entire life not only in the same town but in the same house in which he was born. Several generations of his family were also Dovorians. Unlike many Dovorians, Joe spent the years of the Second World War in Dover because of his reserved occupation and can tell us his personal experiences and what it was like living in Dover during those war years. In addition, Joe has always taken a keen interest both in the history of the town and in what was going on during his lifetime. This has led him to research many aspects of the town's life and to record it. Finally, he has been a keen photographer since boyhood and his photographs of Dover over his lifetime complement his written records.

Many of his memories are linked quite naturally with some of the subjects he has investigated and this book attempts to tell his own, personal story interwoven with his historical research, much of which has appeared over the past twenty years as articles in publications such as Bygone Kent and the Dover Society Newsletter.

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