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The Life and Times of a Dovorian

105 Pages
ISBN 0953616606

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The story of Lillian Kay who was born in 1914 and was brought up in the Pier District of Dover. Lillian has spent most of her life in Dover and from 1946 until she retired was on the staff of Dover Grammar School for Girls, first as a Maths teacher, then as Deputy Head and finally as Headmistress. Since she retired in 1977, she has kept in close touch with the school and has played a leading role in the Old Girls' Association and its Newsletter taking a keen interest in former pupils - all of whom she seems to remember! Lillian loves Dover, especially the Dover of her childhood, and, since retirement, has given pleasure to many clubs and societies talking about it. Her excellent memory is assisted by every sort of memorabilia from her own life and before. This book is an attempt to capture the life and times of Lillian - much of it in her own words - and it seems appropriate to include some of the history of the Pier District that was her childhood home, of Holy Trinity Church in the Pier that was her spiritual home until she went away to college and of the Dover Grammar School for Girls that played such a large part in her life.

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